Our Story

Hey there!

I'm Rachel, the founder of Social Heirloom! I had a magical childhood. That is the inspiration behind my company and the reason you've found your way to our shop!
My mom made my childhood special. She went out of her way to fill every special day with wonder. From filling our living room ceiling with colorful balloons on birthdays to sprinkling pixie dust when the tooth fairy visited, she made every moment magical. To this day, she bakes a cake for each of our birthdays and presents it on a god awful plastic green cake stand; the kind that spins and sings "Happy Birthday." While my aesthetic has evolved, that quirky cake stand is the inspiration behind the products I design, curate and create.
These cherished memories and traditions have shaped who I am today and the mother I strive to be. I want to give you the gift of creating your own family heirlooms—keepsakes that are not just beautiful but will stand the test of time and become cherished family traditions. Embrace the Magic of Childhood.
Thank you for being here,